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The importance of producing music for a Djane

There are many girls who approach the world of Djing. some for passion, others for personal whims, but what can really make the difference today?
Music production
Yes, creating your own sound that differentiates and know the a, b, c in terms of production can really make a change in your career and consider yourselves as a complete artists.
Certainly it can be frustrating to initially approach a DAW and this article will break down the various steps how to start making electronic music:
1) The approach
2) Experimentation
3) Awareness
4) The dedication
You will be wondering what is the best software to create music (Logic, Ableton, Fruity Loops etc.)
- The reality is that they all works at the same way in terms of draft
- A video course online or attending an electronic music production school can accelerate the training
- Knowing English language is essential if you want to collaborate with other producers outside your bedroom studio and use most of the plugins
- Try to start with simple percussion that will be the base of your song
- Helped by inserting in the DAW using a song that you particularly like, analyzing its draft (intro, build up, drop, break, outro)
- Practice, so much practice is essential
Now that you want to bring your song to a decent level, you start informing about plugins and what you need to create for your first bedroom studio
We've all been there, believe me.
The important thing is not to load too much information together and go by degrees studying:
- Musical theory
- Notes and arrangement
- Mix and mastering
I'm sure you'll start to notice the principles that also concern the console (frequencies, effects, wave analysis etc.)
and if you have not yet demoralized you will start thinking about everything you need to prepare your first music studio (monitor speakers, a good sound card, headphones and possibly a midi keyboard) and obviously a lot of patience.
Many producers start publishing remixes.
Finally you have full knowledge of the software, but also frustration because your songs do not sound like your idols do and you would like to take the production to a higher level
- Surrounded by fellow producers with whom to exchange ideas
- Post proofs of your songs on the well-known SoundCloud website for external opinions
- Play your tracks on different audio systems trying to make them sound good on each one
- Create your own unique style
- Build your brand
As in any work to get to a high level you will have to invest all of your time and energy exclusively in music, be constantly updated, create your network of contacts and carry out your project.
If you really believe in something and you strongly desire it sooner or later it will come true
I would like to end this article by wishing you a lots of creativity and luck, that you always need!
and remember that MUSIC HAS NO RULES.