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Silvie Loto made a mix for Ibiza Voice

Silvie Loto prepared something really special for Ibiza Voice. 

That's how Silvie described her podcast : "My podcasts are usually very chill or deep, even if my sound in the club can be more hard. This is because my idea of a podcast is something that people listen to at home or in their car, so I don’t like to go too hard on it. But in this case I wanted to make it less chill, a bit more techno oriented so I could also include my new unreleased music as well." 

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1- Ultra Red - “A16”
2- Roman Flugel- “Smell Flashback”
3- Moor- “Kompromat”
4- Mor Elian- “Cymatic Ring”
5- Malin, Yaleesa Hall - “First Lucas”
6- Silvie Loto - “Border” (unreleased)
7- Malin - “Brown”
8- Damon Wild- “Backdoor”
9- Henning Baer- “Code Buster”
10- Acid Jesus- “Urainumsmuggle”
11- MATRiXXMANN - “Access Granted”
12- Yan Cook- Macaw
13- Polarius- “Mornin’ Traffic