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Rossella Blinded new EP Resilience is OUT TODAY!!!

Good news from DJ Rossella Blinded, she have been waiting this moment for months and finaly her new EP Resilience is out today everywhere!

That's how Rossella describes it: 

"Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

I wrote these songs in a difficult and hostile moment musically speaking.

I took a break and I fought. I have been locked in the studio for 8 months, far from the dj booth.

I really missed touring but I needed to meet again my music and to get my strenght back to fight the moment. 

I decided to release something risky I’ve been thinking for a long time.

I’ve added classical elements as piano, strings and lyrical vocals and everything is actually sang by me.

These songs are the result of a tough selection between the tracks I produced and they are very different from the next upcoming ones.

A good half of our life is about cultivate resilience.

I felt weak with all the “no’s” I got, the closed doors, the obstacles for a little Italian dj to play her music around the world especially because her music genre.

Now, I’m feeling stronger than ever. RESILIENCE IS OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!"

Enjoy the fresh EP on: