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OYADI Time Again Remixing Project


OYADI is an house and electro house DJ and Producer from Italy.

Influenced by both her African culture (OYADI comes from her Nigerian family roots) and by European music, she grew up between different sounds like funk, techno, soul, blues and jazz.

From the age of 15, she started DJing, step by step, from the first gigs in lounge bars to the best clubs, with her captivating performances and her vibrant personality.

While concluding her university master degree in “International Business and Finance”, OYADI as a real music lover, attended lessons of music composition and electronic production to express her inner energy in her own tracks.

In January 2017, OYADI started a new project with Bang Record with the single “Time Again”.

Celebrating one year of Time Again by the Italian DJane OYADI.

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