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NEW RELEASE (Disko Mykonos ft. Sasà / Giulia Regain & Dual size)

In all the digital stores, the new summer release of the fashion DJ Giulia Regain, in collaboration with the young talents from Pesaro, Dual Size and the vocalist mc Sasà, known to most as "the King of Mykonos". 

In the single, entitled "Disko Mykonos", they echo the typical sounds of the Greek island, famous all over the world for its buzzing nightlife, the huge nightclubs and its beautiful beaches, which are flooded every summer with thousands of Young people. The sound of the track is clear and enthralling: from the first notes one perceives the careful work in the choice of the Greek sound, which is here reinterpreted in a modern key and by Big Room. 

An experimental and avant-garde product, therefore, that prays of the contribution of Sasà, "the King", the king of Mykonos, Italian vocalist for years undisputed leader of the island nightlife, as well as historical figure of reference in the international music scene. Giulia Regain, currently one of the most sought-after artists in Italy and abroad for her refined and feminine style, but at the same time extremely charismatic, thus marks another important blow, which projects the dj cesenate to the top of the dance charts of the summer. Finally, the collaboration of the Dual Size, the Pesaro-based duo who has already won a respectable place in the Italian electronic music scene, is decisive. 

"Disko Mykonos" is produced by Collettivo House, a young label from Rimini that boasts a precious collaboration with the giants of Sony Music in numerous successful compilations.

Check it out, following the link: