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Giorgia Angiuli prepared a special mix for Flow Music

Flow Music is honoured to have Giorgia Angiuli on their mix series, her set is nothing short of magical.

Flow Music is a Soundcloud platform, was created to support the music industry during the global pause and to invest in creativity with the optimism that we are entering a new renaissance of interconnectedness through music and arts.

Flow music showcases the amazing artists that inspire and regularly deliver unforgettable moments on the dance floors. 

The mixes are 3 hours and 33 minutes, the long set format allows you to delve into realms that you rarely get to explore and take the listener on a journey through the depths of your musical palate.

Curated by Corr & Jai Piccone, Deep Ghosh and Jake Hughes.

"I am a big fan of melodies and I recorded this podcast from my studio, dreaming about an open air party under the sun.

Techno melodic , Progressive and a bit of 80's influences , including also my new releases. I hope you will like it.", Giorgia explained. 

Enjoy the mix on! Be sure you follow Giorgia Angiuli everywhere not to miss updates and new music! 

01 Giorgia Angiuli, CIOZ - United (Hoerakustik Remix)
02 Sobek - Geiling Agent
03 Giorgia Angiuli - Trust the Hours
04 Giorgia Angiuli (feat. Irene Ermolli) - The Only Way
05 Ivan Masa - Nighthawks 02
06 Zombies in Miami - The End of the Beginning
07 Rodriguez Jr. - Bliss
08 Quivver - Taking Over (Giorgia Angiuli Remix)
09 Alfre - Biosphere
10 Giorgia Angiuli, CIOZ- United (Squ4re Remix)
11 Boris Brejcha - Farbenfrohe Stadt (Ann Clue Remix)
12 Magdagelan - Visions
13 Petar Dundov, Gregor Tresher - Sirens
14 John Digweed, Nick Muir - Bilder (Zoo Brazil Remix)
15 Alex Mine - Numbers
16 Echonomist - Metamorphosis
17 Shall Ocin - Destination Mars
18 DJ Hell - Bostich