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Rita gherz Biography

Rita Gherz is literally what you don’t expect from one dj. Daughter of a sound engineer and graduated in Chemistry Rita breaks up the patterns of traditional education and dives herself in the DJ profession since her early age. Classically trained on piano from the age of 10, Rita grows a great passion for music since then. As she was also a clubber since her infancy, she sperimented lots of genres. Tuscany born, Rita gets her first residency in Hullalà Club in Rome, where  she grew musically. And then she started playing music in first-order clubs, around Italy. Dance music was in her early age and since there were few clubs where you could play techno she threw her own parties and personal venues to express totally herself. Her style is to an extent adaptable due to her eclecticism and knowledge but she has a sound that is unmistakably her own. The last three years have been for her so important to personalize her style in a twilight and strong techno, mellow minimal, stripped-down tech-house. The way she moves and keeps the scene with great and powerful energy is impressive in the same way her music is always involving crowd . Rita has acquired a positive and impressive reputation, playing in clubs and events worldwide….. Its amazing her ability to play with the old and the new, with the dark techno and acid house classics, is amazing how she is able to combine them together in a unique way. ‘retrospective 90s techno, good culture in techno music and classic house’..

In the last couple of years Rita’s been releasing her own tracks and remixes on renowned international labels such BFoolish and now Aparat and Life Sentence Records.

In the winter of 2015 she released her first EP ' Helium ' which contains two songs that range between tech-house and techno : the flagship song is ' Uhllalà ', recorded with Rita 's voice, the other one is titled ‘Shine’.


Her last release ‘Alien Wheeze’ is a dark techno banger submerged in sinister whistling screams, while the vocals in Alien Wheeze take you into another dark hypnotic trip.

Rita has gone on her way getting surprisingly more and more specialized in techno music and that proves she is here to stay and to get even bigger and with no doubt she will reserve us many surprises.


Musical style: 
Tech House / Techno