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Dj Fabiana

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Dj Fabiana Biography

Dj FabianaPassion is the Fuel for Life!

Dj Fabiana was adopted by Rimini when she left Tuscany a few years ago and like female superheroes she has a double identity so that the business-woman becomes, at night, the console sorceress in the most exclusive clubs.

Her natural gift for creating the right atmospheres along with real passion for music triggered Dj Fabiana’s artistic flame.

She set the difference as soon as she put her hand to the console, at aperitivo events in chosen Italian clubs as well as in London, at exclusive parties for Roberto Cavalli as well as in the best dance clubs: Echoes, Villa delle Rose, CocoRiCo and so on.

HER music is not mere background music but takes anybody present by the hand and leads them thru a beautiful journey of magnificent notes and unique sensations.

Her playlist includes house, electronic, deep minimal, although every night lives a life of its own.

She starts with a very personal dj-set and the rhythm and the energy of the evening build up while she and everybody else have real fun.

She is an extraordinary energy collector, she captures moods and glimpses so that HER music really triggers emotions in motion.