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Exclusive Interview with special guest from Russia - Dj Litchi

Litchi is an international DJ from Moscow Russia! Mashing up edm, house, hiphop, using SAMPLES, Acapellas, sCrAtch...  she makes UNIQUE mashUp shows and unfogettable perfomances! Rocking the dancefloors all over the world, this graceful girl persistently and purposefully moves towards her goals. And they are very ambitious! It seems, that this girl can charm everyone and everything around! It was incredibly nice for DJANEMAG to talk with her. Read our exclusive interview, but be careful, because you can fell in love with her)

DJANEMAG: First question is a traditional one) Who came up with your nickname and what does it mean!? By the way, Litchi sounds tasty! 

DJ Litchi: thank u! That's super easy - Litchi is my favorite exotic fruit since childhood. It's nice and misterious - cause inner substance is even more seductive then cover. 

DJANEMAG: Why did you decide to become a DJ? Was it your dream from early years and was it difficult to start? 

DJ Litchi: I studied law at university and as all teens go for clubbing. That time classic house music was in trend, but I was addicted by hiphop, so I wanted to became dj for playing mashup and music that I found classy) The most difficult and important thing in life is to make a decision and be faithful to it. I should made a choice, when got law dimpoma with best marks. Believe me, it was not easy, my family supported me and hobby has become favorite profession. And already 6 years I'm happy in djs career. 

DJANEMAG: Your experience as a DJ has taken you across the world. Which was your favourite country to perform in and why? Do you like to perform in your native country? Is there any country which you would really like to perform in or have you already played in your dream country? 

DJ Litchi: I like perform in any new place, any new country, cause it so exciting! Meet new crowd, new people, you know. But on the other side I love to come back, cause all memories float before eyes, that's so cozy feeling!:) I started career from gig all around Russia, now mostly perform in Europe or Asia. Think every dj dreaming not about countries, but some venues or festivals! I believe that every dream come true if you're thinking about it and do any, at least small steps forward to your dream! main thing is don't tell nobody about it and keep it in your heart! 

DJANEMAG: Do you have a specific goal in mind for your presenting career? Would you like it to take you to new successes? 

DJ Litchi: Djing is unique in the sense it's provide oppotunity for permanent prosess to improve your skills, invite your triks.That's exciting and I can't stop! I like to use acapellas, scratch, invite new types of mixing, ext. 

DJANEMAG: Now DJs can play almost all styles of music! What is your favourite one and why? 

DJ Litchi: yes, it is. I have 2 sides of my soul: for light side it's mainstream music - as I've already said, I started my career from love to hiphip and rnb, nowdays, to my happiness, hiphop is super popular, I prefer mixing it with twerk, edm, future house, depends on crowd and my mood. I like edm especially because people jumping and screaming a lot and I can see their alive emotions, feeling it, that's cool! For my dark side - tech and techno is perfect, just feel groove and no more!

DJANEMAG: Do you think that «Dj world» is men's world? In your opinion is it harder for girl to become famous Dj? 

DJ Litchi: Yes, there is a stereotype, that girls can't mixing well still exist. The difficult thing is before showcase, when you're invited with expectations just as nice candy, but after show, when people saw skills and work, they changed their mind. I came across this on personal experience several times, cause sometime invitation side even dont listen mixtapes or watching videos, just look at pictures =)) 

DJANEMAG: Could you describe your feelings when you play music? 

DJ Litchi: I could imagine it like the dacefloor is a big sphere of crazy energy and you sharing your happiness through this sphere with people and they multiply it and give it back to you and then you again send it to them, like permanent circulation of joy, when you leave all worries and live just for this moment. 

DJANEMAG: Can you share your dreams and plans for future concerning Djing? What would you like to achieve? 

DJ Litchi: as Russians says: "Want to laugh God - tell him your plans". That's why I continue working and you'll see everything by yourself. Stay tuned!

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