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Exclusive Interview: DJ Oriska. A secret of success - WORK!

DJ Oriska is a must-producer of the French electro scene. Child of the digital generation, she began to produce her podcasts for her community on the internet. Therefore, fans will never leave her. Her first hit "Some People", anthem of the 2000s, has been a real European phenomenon and reached # 1 in 13 countries. After its unique media coverage she released her first album " With the Sunshine ", with over 200 000 sales. International female DJ from Paris to Tokyo, she plays around the world with her “Welcome to my Wonderland” tour. She knows how to transport audience into her quirky and magical world. Intuitive and close to her audience she loves to adapts her music to each country while respecting her artistic personality.

Consecration after years of work will come once again thanks to her fans. She is elected " BEST FEMALE DJ OF THE YEAR " on two consecutive editions, at the prestigious ceremony of the “NRJ DJ AWARDS” in Monaco. In search of new challenges she produced her track "Tonight" and worked with the web star, Keenan Cahill. The track and Clip were very successful, Top 10 club in France and Spain, with more than 800 000 views on the net.She now shares her turntables with Steeve Aoki or Martin Garrix,Tiesto and many more for the third consecutive year. Elected #13th World on “TOP 100 Djanes 2015” and first french artist, Oriska is still climbing to the top. 2016 Gonna be huge!

Want to know more about Oriska? Read an interview below. All exclusive with DJANEMAG!

DJANEMAG: First question is a traditional one) Who came up with your nickname and what does it mean!? 

Oriska: You have to know that Oriska is my real name! Origins are from Hungary, but I'm a Parisian girl. 

DJANEMAG: Why did you decide to become a DJ? Was it your dream from early years and was it difficult to start? Give some advice to girls, who are just starting their career! 

Oriska: Music has always been a passion since I'm 5. I began to learn piano for a few years. I discovered deejaying when i was 16.A friend of mine had some stuff at home and he learned me how the bases of mix. It was quite hard at the beginning to train my ears,but after a few weeks I was able to play. If i can give some advice,the main word you have to keep in mind is : WORK! Dj is not a job on friday and saturday only, you have to be passioned every day of the week, seeking for new music, doing mash ups,..

DJANEMAG: Your experience as a DJ has taken you across the world. Which was your favourite country to perform in and why? Do you like to perform in your native country? 

Oriska: One of my best souvenir is Japan. Party is a real religion overthere. When I entered the club, I felt immediately that it would be a great party. Everyone in Japan is here to party all together. This was crazy time. My native country is a good one too, but the audience is different. Their conception of "party" is different, they are more individual. In Japan everyone will come and speak to you, in France it's different.

DJANEMAG: Is there any country which you would really like to perform in or have you already played in your dream country? 

Oriska: I go to Australia next November. I really want to discover this country for a long time, I think it gonna be huge. I ever did many many countries like Russia, USA, Taiwan,..So many good souvenirs. 

DJANEMAG: You have performed for some pretty big festivals with huge crowds of people. Do you have a special ritual to combat any nerves you might have? 

Oriska: Haha yes I have something when I'm really really stressed! You have to discover Bach Flower. I take a few drops of essence of it and it really relaxes me. It works everytime. I also listen to sweet music. I love listening to movie composer like Hans Zimmer or Harry Gregson Williams. Their music is crazy.

DJANEMAG: Think about this one carefully. If you had to choose one celebrity DJ to go on tour with for an entire year, who would you choose and why? 

Oriska: I would choose Calvin Harris I think. I've been told he's a good cook, I'd love to see him with his apron between two big festivals. But I think I'd have a few problems with Taylor Swift...

DJANEMAG: Do you have a specific goal in mind for your presenting career? Would you like it to take you to new successes? 

Oriska: I do this job because I love to bring happiness and new music to people around the world. As long as I can do this I will continue. I also work on new productions, maybe this will be big hits who can know ?? Music industry is so strange now, only one track can change your life.

DJANEMAG: Can you share some exclusive news with the readers? 

Oriska: I'm working now for my own music Festival called "United Music Festival". The first event will be on July 9th, with friends of mine,"Lumberjack" parisians producers and Morgan Nagoya, host dj of the biggest french radio. 
We hope to see you there;) You are welcome !



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